For instructors

Enrollment verification

Enrollment verification surveys allow you to flag an enrolled student to be dropped from a course or section that you teach when they have not attended the course.

Once logged in to your S&T Connect dashboard, you will be able to view your open surveys/enrollment verifications for each course/section you teach. Please open each survey individually.


Download instructions for completing the enrollment verification survey.

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Enrollment Verification is required for all sections in order to comply with federal regulations associated with eligibility rules for federal financial aid, S&T scholarships and graduate assistant-ships.

This is not a requirement to take daily attendance (though that is one acceptable method of verifying attendance).

Students are considered to have attended or participated in the course if they have demonstrated (and you can document) one of the following acceptable academically related activities:

  • Physically attending a class with direct interaction
  • Submitting an academic assignment
  • Taking an exam, interactive tutorial, or computer-based instruction
  • Attending a school-assigned study group
  • Participating in online discussion about academic matters
  • Initiating contact with a faculty member to ask about subject studied

Please note that students simply logging into a Learning Management Solution (LMS) such as Canvas is not considered confirmation that a student has begun attendance or participation in the course.

Things to remember: 

  • If attendance is taken verbally or through student sign-in during on-campus, class sessions and attendance rosters are circulated for student signature, they must not include student ID or other personally identifiable information per FERPA.


Flagging a student to be dropped from a course

Within each enrollment verification survey, you will be given the option to flag a student to be dropped from your course. You will only need to flag students not attending the course. 

For each student that you flag, there are two options:

  • Drop for never attending class.
  • Drop for stopped attending class.

For students not listed on the survey:

Please be sure to check for students that are attending the course that are not listed on the survey, if the student is not registered in Joe’SS they will not show up on the survey.

Please send these student names in an email to Evie Evie Sherlock at


After a student has been flagged to be dropped
  • An alert will be sent to the Registrar and a designated person will make the drop
  • An alert will be sent to the student notifying them that they have been administratively dropped from a specific course
  • The process has a grace period of two business days to complete—this will allow a student time to resolve the notification with you before they are dropped

Reinstating a student

While within the two-day grace period:
  • We will accept an email to remove the flag without dropping a student and close the flag with the notation that the student was not dropped.
  • You may also remove the flag
After the two-day grace period:

If you need to reinstate a student that has been dropped, please contact Evie Sherlock,, to have the student reinstated